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Side Plugin Bending Board 1.2.0

its not working :c im using it for minecraft 1.14.4
please update to 1.12 , not working at my server :(
Great plugin. Can you add multi-abilities and combos?
Though, for combos, there could be an enable & disable option in the config, but maybe disabled as default? Anyway good plugin to have.
it is not showing on my server why ?
When i change presets it bugs
Rune ;-; How Do I Install It ???
4 stars cause you don't know how to install? :P Anyways simply drop it in the plugins folder.
It's a pretty good plugin, nothing wrong with it. It does exactly what it needs to. Though I'd love to see support for multi-abilites in the future!
Thanks for the rating! I will add multi abilities for sure, combo's I don't know how I feel about those :P