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    Denied Air Bison

    Oh god, i love air bisons! Great idea... I was thinking about them yesterday, maybe make them with the model of a pig (enlarged) and change their texture (i dont really know if its posible, i've seen custom sounds from resourcepacks in servers, so maybe its possible)
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    Bug Report startup error

    If you are using PKcore 1.7.0 beta13 or later (included 1.7.0 stable) it'll not work, we have to wait for a PKitems update :/ EDIT: i just read the "everything up to date" line. So its what i stated abobe. Just disable PKitems until they update it
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    There is a way for external plugins to recognize PK ítems? by name o whatever (preferably not by name, because of anvils) Its for a leveling-by-quest system, mainly using betonquest and skript I dont really know too much about how ítems Works with tags, but i can learn :p
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    Bug Report Error in the starting

    Ok, i'll do that so, thanks for the help!
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    Bug Report Error in the starting

    ok, i'll try in a while and post the result, thanks! EDIT: where can i download previous dev builds?
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    Bug Report Error in the starting

    Actually, here say "This update requires ProjectKorra (Core) 1.7.0 BETA 2 or later to function!" Thats why i use the betas
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    Bug Report Error in the starting

    hi there, im running an small sv just for me and firends, i just find this plugin and try to install it. Everything was fine, the abilities Works great and so, but when i try to use ítems, i couldn't craft them. Then i look in the logs and find this Already look in the config file, but is the...