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My video library


Hello everyone.

I joined this community in late 2014, and started recording ever since I first joined. At some point in 2016 I switched from my laptop to a new PC, and lost access to my old video files. Since then, I've amassed over 800gb of bending videos. These videos are just a blip taken from the many thousands of hours I've played. I've decided to make them all public as I'm about to change my PC's OS and was backing everything up on my old HS account's google drive, which conveniently has 100TB storage (and I don't have to pay a dime). Crazy, I know haha. I don't know for how long this library will be accessible - whether or not my school's going to shut it down or give me a call or whatever, but it's been over a year since I graduated and the account's still up.

I'm going to be around in the community for roughly 2 more years. Given the 8 I've already spent, I don't mind sharing my name with you guys either anymore. I've gone from a 11-year old who couldn't even understand English in Syria at the peak of its civil war to a 20-year old in Sweden with a bright future ahead of him since I first started bending.

There's a lot to uncover in these videos. A lot of community events and secrets that I didn't plan to share yet, but they're there. I think with the overwhelming amount of videos and their length, I'm probably not going to catch any flack for it because it's hard to imagine any troublesome individuals sifting through it all, but if I do - I don't care lol
I'm eventually going to make edits of all these files and upload them to YT anyways. If anyone feels like doing the same and kickstarting their YT Bending PvP Edits career(!!!) you may go ahead xD - though I would like to be given credit as the source.

I hope this may be entertaining to whoever stumbles across it, or be of use to anyone who tries to uncover bending history or improve their bending skill. There's A LOT, and if you go through it all - you will be more knowledgeable about the Bending PvP community and bending server history than the developers themselves - just like me! Except you'll still be missing thousands of hours of more context, because as I said, this is only a blip of the past 8 years. For more context, you can always DM me on discord @shaozard

Lastly, I want to announce something. I'm working on a bending server. It will be the greatest bending server of all time, just like this is the greatest bending video library of all time. It will be done within these remaining 2 years of mine that I've mentioned. If you want to witness a bending server being taken to the peak of this great community, join discord.bendingcentral.com
~You won't regret it.

P.S: The videos are still processing atm hence most of them aren't in HD yet and some are still unviewable. Give it a couple hours or days from today and it should be fixed.