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Hello everyone!

I assume you are familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender (Not the movie lol) and/or The Legend of Korra. I'm about to start a new server, which will be called Era of Bending. I had a previous Minecraft server with exactly the same name. But it was time for a huge reset, and a large break. But we are back, with a new and huge map!

  • What kind of server is Era of Bending?
Era of Bending is going to be an RPG survival server, but there will be Bending arena's for the Bending fans! Era of Bending has all four nations, Watertribes, Fire Nation, Air Nations and the Earth Kingdom. Each nation will have their own leader. There will also be an Avatar! The Avatar will have access to all four elements. The Avatar will be randomly chosen under the players! That means that you can be the Avatar too.

  • Why should people play on Era of Bending?
Era of Bending will have the ProjectKorra plugin. That means you can actually Fire bend, Earth bend, Airbend or waterbend! And you can explore the whole map! We'll post a few screenshots of the server down below.

  • We need you!
Era of Bending has a lot of large city's like the Northern Watertribe, Fire Nation capital, etc. But there are still places that aren't built yet! That's why we need you. And there are small villages that we'd like to have removed!

  • Requirements:
If you want to be builder;
  1. You need to know the basics of WorldEdit. (//wand, brush sphere commands, etc)
  2. You know how to build in a medieval style.
  3. You have to be able to build well.
We're also looking for a plugin manager! So if you know a lot about plugins, please join the Staff Team!

If you'd like to join the Era of Bending Staff team, click the Discord link down below!

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