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  1. bordalandsdude191


    Server Name: IslandCraft Server IP Address: s3.hosthorde.com:26126 Server Website (If Applicable) http://potterbending.enjin.com/ (Ignore the old forum name Server Rules / Link to Server Rules 1. Don't Spam 2. Don't Advertise 3. Don't Harrass other players 4. Be kind 5. Homophobia/Racism is not...
  2. sehunpark


    DarkCrest Bending Server IP: darkcrest.cf.gs Version: Spigot 1.12 Website: darkcrestmc.enjin.com DarkCrest is a long-time running bending server centered around our community. We want our players to feel involved and welcomed on our server. As a result, they take much action in decisions...
  3. MIsty


    Created 8.31.2015 * Public Since 9.10.2015 * UpTime: 100% SERVER IP: play.mysticempire.net WEBSITE: http://mysticempire.net VERSION:1.11,1.12,1.13 Bungee TWITTER: @MCMysticEmpire FACEBOOK Join! YOUTUBE: Subscribe! TEAMSPEAK: Connect! INSTAGRAM: @MysticEmpire Disccord...