official update

  1. OmniCypher

    ProjectKorra Core 1.8.7

    Hello everyone, OmniCypher here, I am happy to announce the release of ProjectKorra version 1.8.7! Download it here! It has been exactly a year since our last release so as you can expect, we have a lot and have a lot to go over! Big shoutout to the entire ProjectKorra team for making this a...
  2. Simplicitee

    [IMPORTANT] How to Update Addons with PK 1.8 BETA 10

    Hello community. Great to see you. Hey you, guy in the gray shirt, is that a new haircut? Well you look great. Wanna hear a nerd joke? "What did the computer do for lunch? He got a byte to eat" Hahaha that's a classic. Not really. I'm terrible at jokes. I have to inform you that I bring good...