1. blackhawks1231

    Fun Haven (Unofficial ProjectKorra Server)

    I (blackhawks1231) proudly own my very first bending/factions server. Name: Fun Haven Ip: Website: Server Rules (Player and Staff): ==========> -Player Rules- <========= 1.) DO NOT piss off blackhawks1231. (server owner) 2.) Respect all players...
  2. S

    Essentials and ProjectKorra prefix?

    So I recently tried to get PK prefixes to work but the only way they work is if I uninstall essentials and that isnt an option... any help? Thanks, Sol
  3. S


    Hello, I am on MCProHosting spigot 1.8.8 server with plugins mcMMO essentialsXXMMP EssentialsXGEOIP EssentialsXGroupManager EssentialsXChat EssentialsXAntiBuild ServerSigns EssentialsX PvPManager worldedit CS-CoreLib PAC ClearLag and Factions. I have multiple other bending addons along with...
  4. BraumLionHardt


    IP: Hi, Welcome to Avineas bending server. This is a Small no-whitelist server with a lot of potential. It features: 1VS1 arena Academies Survival Battlegrounds (in Progress) MobArena (in Progress) Shops (in Progress) You can also bend EVERYTHING no restrictions except that...