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  1. Sammycocobear

    Firebending FireSwirl 1.1.0

    FireSwirl FireBlast(Hold Shift) FireShots(Left Click) FireShots(Left Click) Description FireSwirl allows FireBenders to control two streams of fire to scorch their enemies Configuration Options Sammycocobear: FireSwirl: cooldown: 2000 distance: 25.0 damage: 5.0...
  2. JettMC

    Suggestion BlueFire Permission [!]

    BlueFire. It would be cool, gorgeous and nice, when a BlueFire permission would be added to the PK plugin. Like: bending.bluefire or something like this. All the firebending ablities would turn into bluefire [Maybe combustion too? Nah, bluecombustion is weird.. REALLY weird...] Like a Fireburst...