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Recent content by Legendary_ocean

  1. Legendary_ocean


    I think we should control enemies just like bloodbending when charging.
  2. Legendary_ocean

    MetalCables (UPDATED TO v1.8.9)

    Can you update to 1.9.0, everything works fine but cables are not visible
  3. Legendary_ocean


    Have you thought about doing this a combo? it can be better if you do a combo, maybe with surge and torrent ? torrent 2x left click > Surge hold shift
  4. Legendary_ocean

    IceDrill (Combo)

    can we continue to use water arms after doing this combo?
  5. Legendary_ocean


    can you update for 1.8.7 too? cuz some players can't play with mc version 1.13.+
  6. Legendary_ocean


    there is good idea for airbending! https://projectkorra.com/forum/threads/spiritual-projection.14844/#post-87082
  7. Legendary_ocean


    please 1.8.7 support pleaseeee
  8. Legendary_ocean


    can you update for pk 1.8.7 ? pleaseee
  9. Legendary_ocean


    Please start developing it ,this is a really good ability. :)
  10. Legendary_ocean

    Suggestion Spiritual Projection

    lonny's spiritual projection doesn't have the ability to walk through walls or find one easily, and these are basic spiritualprojection features. :)
  11. Legendary_ocean


    I noticed a few problems or bugs.
  12. Legendary_ocean


    a move or combo will call your friend spirit for you from spirit world. For DarkSpirits: a phantom that doesn't attack its owner will be born. this spirit will attack the last mob or player you hit or who hits you. this spirit will have little health but high attack damage. this soul will emit...
  13. Legendary_ocean

    Suggestion Spiritual Projection

    Spiritual Projection ''Spiritual projection is a specialized airbending technique that consists of projecting one's spirit out of the body to travel to another location in a matter of seconds. Through projection, an airbender is able to explore locations that would otherwise have been...
  14. Legendary_ocean


    what is the version of projectkorra for this addon?