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Recent content by Jackson

  1. Jackson

    Suggestion Spiritual Projection

    bump :) This is an addon already, I'm not sure what's been going on with it or if it has been updated recently though.
  2. Jackson

    Making Youtube tutorial for making custom moves using Finn's wizard

    I love videos and all, but speaking from experience, I used to look at the coding part only if making abilities. Whereas I learned some things like how to use eclipse, I had no idea what I was doing. I also learned how to create an ability from using @xNuminousx ’s tutorial. I would first learn...
  3. Jackson

    Suggestion Suggestion about waterarms [spear]

    Doesn’t it always start with the right? Also, besides the point of it’ll improve your accuracy and gameplay experience, how will it improve other players’ gameplay experience?
  4. Jackson

    Bug Report a few bug

    To make this a qualified bug report, please add your /pk debug file (using Pastie, Hastebin, or Pastebin) and videos/pictures would help. Thank you!
  5. Jackson

    Coding custom abilities (T_T)

    From what I'm seeing, that is a good website to learn java. I can't speak for the validity of its teachings; however, if it's working, it works. When using Java for the ProjectKorra API, you need to know some things about Bukkit/Spigot coding as well (in my opinion).
  6. Jackson

    Coding custom abilities (T_T)

    The way you learn how to program abilities is not by just following a tutorial. You have to know what the language you're programming tutorial is in and how to actually program or the tutorial doesn't make sense so you won't be able to apply it to creating your own ability or plugin. That being...
  7. Jackson

    [UPDATED] Particles Improved - By Chaoz

    Could you post a gif or two and some pictures? :o Otherwise, great!!!
  8. Jackson

    Help with plug-in error.

    Do you mind doing /pk debug and putting it into a pastebin, hastebin, or pastie and sending the link so that our development team can help you further? Also, this is the wrong section so I am moving it for you. @Gavatos Thank you!
  9. Jackson


    Haha it’s not deleted xD I had to delete it to fix the resource description and various other things.
  10. Jackson


    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  11. Jackson

    Side Plugin BendingTournaments 1.0 SNAPSHOT

    BendingTournaments Create bending tournaments for players to join! --- BendingTournaments is a plugin in which server owners/administrators can create tournaments for their players to participate in so that everyone can have fun with a little friendly competition. ;) --- Commands...
  12. Jackson


    Jackson submitted a new resource: BendingTournaments - Create tournaments for players to join! Read more about this resource...
  13. Jackson

    Thank you for calling beauty, this is cutie... how may I help you?

    Thank you for calling beauty, this is cutie... how may I help you?
  14. Jackson

    ProjectKorra Core 1.8.7

    Yay! Thank you developers for working hard!
  15. Jackson

    The [New] ProjectKorra Server Discussion Thread!

    I definitely agree with the "need something to do" trend. I think that missions/quests or roleplay would be an amazing opportunity to get more players familiar with the bending world. I also believe we should try to maybe have a creative world for people to be creative. We could use Plotme, or...