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    Bending Programer needed

    Hey guys its Diamondblazer! I was wondering if someone could help me make 4-6 moves to use on my 1.11.2 bending server. I cant pay you but i would appreciate it if someone would help me out.
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    Suggestion Airbending Move: Aero Blast

    What's up wonderful world its me Diamondblazer! I came up with a move idea for air bending. I came up with it while re watching the series. Imagine a person takes a deep breath turns sideways then directs a punch of air towards someone. Its inspired by the addon move Pressure and it would more...
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    Suggestion Earthbending Move: Burrow Smash

    This move is like what Toph did do the Boulder in the series. The move would be able to have players guide a small piece of earth in the ground and use it to attack players. Maybe it could be shown by wood particles and when you move your mouse while shifting it follow it up to a distance of 30...
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    Bending Idea Assistance

    Hello fellow PK people! This thread is here for anyone who minds helping me make some plugins that add move ideas. If anyone wants to help me message me personally and ill make a thread to discuss my bending move ideas there (mainly so no-one tries to be a douche and steal my ideas)
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    Pending Review Question

    I wanted to ask the community a question. Does anyone mind helping me develop come plugins for my personal server? We need 2 fire moves 1 water move 2 earth moves 1 air move and 1 chi move. If you can help me out im going to post a thread called "Bending Idea Assistance".