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Recent content by BuckWildDog

  1. BuckWildDog

    Help showing different players element in towny chat?

    I have PK 1.8.9 installed alongside towny, essentials and vault, and I'm having trouble getting the {element} tag to show in game from the towny chat configuration file. Are there any other configuration files I should be working with before I try to change it? Or am I doing something completely...
  2. BuckWildDog

    Southern Air Temple V1

    BuckWildDog submitted a new resource: Southern Air Temple V1 - My first rendition of my build of the southern air temple! Read more about this resource...
  3. BuckWildDog

    Southern Air Temple V1 1.0

    One of the many builds on my PK enabled server! although it was one of the first, and not as intricate as the one I am currently working on, I felt as if this was as good a test as ever to post to PK! my goal is to get a good idea as to how this website works, and post other stuff from my...