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  1. ProjectKorra
    Welcome to the official Resource Page for ProjectKorra (Core). This page will contain the very basic information for the plugin, extensive information on the plugin, all abilities, and the rest of ProjectKorra can be found on the wiki.

    • The latest recommended build of the plugin can always be found on this page. Simply click the Download button and the latest official build will be downloaded.
    • The latest dev build can always be found here. Stability of Dev Builds are never promised, but usually anything pushed to the dev build page are at least runnable. Run at your own risk.
    • You can check the update log for any changes that occur between builds.
    • Choose one of the elements (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) to control in-game. Alternatively, players can choose Chiblocking.
    • Each element or Chiblocking comes with a list of modular abilities, passives, and combos to use for survival, PvP, PvE and more.
    • Unique binding system to use abilities and customize your play style.
    • Extensive descriptions and usage instructions for each aspect of the plugin to allow new players to have a smoother experience.
    • Highly configurable with a config file for all modular abilities, combos and passives.
    • A language file that allows server owners to customize or translate the messages of the plugin, including chat formatting.
    • Various features that improve upon past versions of the Bending plugin, such as Bending Preview, that shows a player the ability selected before they use it.
    • Extensive support for third-party plugins such as Factions, WorldGuard, GriefPrevention, and Kingdoms.
    For Developers
    Commands and Permissions
    So what is Bending anyway?
    Players can choose an element or chiblocking to use. Each element comes with its own abilities, combos and passives unique to it. Each has its own fighting style, its own utility, and its own type of mobility.

    Airbending - Air is the element of freedom. The key to Airbending is flexibility and finding and following the path of least resistance. Airbending is notable for being almost purely defensive, as well as possessing the most dynamic moveset of the four bending arts. Airbenders can overwhelm many opponents at once with large and powerful attacks that could prove fatal.

    Additionally, Airbenders specialize in mobility and defensive. The land is an ideal spot for an airbender, as they can quickly scale large mountains or cross the largest of deserts. While able to bend in the water, an Airbender will find itself much more useful on land.

    Finally, Airbenders are natural pacifists. They lack much raw damage output by default, but make up for it in their mobility, utility, and speed. Airbenders work with a decreased rate of hunger, meaning they can go further on little food, and take no fall damage.

    Water is the element of change. The fighting style of a waterbender is mostly fluid and graceful, acting in concert with the environment. Waterbenders deal with the flow of energy; they let their defense become their offense and turn their opponents own forces against them. Even when waterbenders do take an attack stance, their moves always appear to flow from one to the other.

    A waterbender specializes in maneuverability in and around the water and will find his or herself at home in the water. They possess a mixture of defensive and offensive abilities. Their moveset opens up possibilities in bodies of water that are otherwise closed to the other disciplines. More skilled waterbenders can bend the water in another player, that is, bend their blood and control their movements.

    Earth is the element of substance. The key to earthbending is waiting and listening for the right moment to strike, and, when that moment comes, acting decisively. In other words, earthbenders generally endure their enemies' attacks until the right opportunity to counterattack reveals itself.

    An earthbender specialized in manipulating the earth around them. Any area containing land is perfect for an earthbender. An earthbender can use the earth to protect themselves (by creating armor and walls), transportation (by launching yourself), digging, blasting earth and other players, bending metal, and so much more.

    An Earthbender's arsenal is similar to a Waterbenders in a sense that it is a mixture of both defensive and offensive techniques.

    Fire is the element of power. Firebending is known for its intense and aggressive attacking style and general lack of adequate defensive moves. A skilled firebender can, however, turn offensive maneuvers into defensive maneuvers, such as creating walls of fire while being careful not to burn themselves.

    Unlike the other disciplines, Firebenders possess a very offensive playstyle. Any environment other than water is suitable for Firebenders. They possess little natural mobility and defensive technique, although they are great at using raw power to break through their opponents' defense.

    Chiblocking is an ancient technique that has been practiced in secret for centuries. Blocking someone's chi renders the victim's muscles useless and temporarily disables a bender's abilities.

    Chiblockers specialize in bare handed combat. Skilled chiblockers can use their strikes to temporarily block a player's bending. They are natural acrobats, they take less fall damage, run faster, and jump higher than any discipline other than airbending.

    Additionally, their bare handed strikes do more damage than other players. That said, a chiblocker lacks much defensive capabilities and can be attacked if they aren't careful.

    Supported Plugins
    As of now, ProjectKorra has built in support for the following plugins. Feel free to request any additional plugins you'd like to see us support!
    • LWC
    • TagAPI
    • WorldGuard
    • Factions
    • Towny
    • GriefPrevention
    • PreciousStones
    • Kingdoms+
    See it in action
    Below are screenshots from each of the disciplines. Expand the spoiler to see more.

    An Airbender using the AirSpout ability
    Waterbender using the OctopusForm Ability

    Waterbender using the Surge Ability

    Earthbender using the RaiseEarth Ability


    Earthbender using the LavaFlow Ability

    Firebender using the Blaze Ability


    Firebender using a combination of moves to form FireWheel


Recent Updates

  1. 1.8.6 - Update 1.12.1 Compatible
  2. Update 1.8.5
  3. 1.12

Recent Reviews

  1. Sam1370
    Version: 1.8.6
    Nice plugin, noticed that some bugs were fixed. You need to update the page on Spigot by the way, the build on there is 1.8.4 :P
  2. cutiepiemommy
    Version: 1.8.3
    Can you update ProjectKorra Items so that they work together?
  3. Yaya
    Version: 1.8.2
    awesome, but can we use the commands in command blocks
  4. xNuminousx
    Version: 1.8.2
    Fixed tons of bugs and added a few nifty features. Keep up the good work ;)
  5. Switch
    Version: 1.8.2
    Is PK Probending updated and PK Items ? Would love to seem some action going on in the probending dept.
  6. DaDAnk
    Version: 1.8.1
    Great Work to all the ProjectKorra team!
    I've been playing with Orion304's bending plugin since it was first created and i have to say that you guys have done an amazing job keeping the bending plugins alive.
    Keep updating and i'l keep playing :)
  7. Kess
    Version: 1.8.1
    ima not sure how to do this so is it version 1.9 for minecraft and do i need to get ride of projectkorra version 1.8.0 beta 10 file to make it work?
  8. TheWaterChief
    Version: 1.8.1
    I have no word!
  9. cutiepiemommy
    Version: 1.8.0 (MC 1.9 / 1.10)
    My favorite plugin by far!!! Btw are the side plugins (Items/RPG/Probending) still compatible with the 1.9/1.10 version?
  10. Blue_one
    Version: 1.8.0 (MC 1.9 / 1.10)
    This is the best plugin ever !!!! :-)