Master the Elements in Minecraft

ProjectKorra brings the power of the 4 elements to Minecraft. Play on the official ProjectKorra Server or Download the plugin to create your own world.


ProjectKorra (Core) AVAILABLE NOW!

Want to create your own bending experience in Minecraft? The ProjectKorra Development Team has our plugins available for download. Our plugins are highly configurable and can be dropped in on your server to create a riveting new Minecraft experience.

Bend the Elements

Players can choose from any of the 4 elements or Chiblocking


Server Administrators can configure the plugin to their liking. Every ability can be turned on or off or tweaked to your liking.

Add-On Support

ProjectKorra is the only bending Minecraft plugin that is completely modular. Developers can easily create new abilities using our API to expand the game.

Open Source

ProjectKorra is completely open source! This means you can contribute to the code to make the plugin better.

Join the Conversation

ProjectKorra has an official discord server! Talk to staff and other members of the community about all things ProjectKorra, Avatar, or whatever is on your mind. It’s free to join and a lot of fun!

Learn More

Still want to learn more? Head over to the official ProjectKorra Forum to stay up to date on the most recent news and be a part of a fast-growing Minecraft community.