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by Pickle9775 at 2:49 PM
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Hello you wonderful PK people. There hasn't really been a lot to update on. There have been a few more changes to the PK staff, just working out some kinks and the whatnot. Anyway lets see what we have.

The big thing that we have going on is the recent Question and Answer. I'll put that here

A lot of great questions answered by our great staff members.

Other than that, the dev team is still working on beating down those bugs while we're working on 1.8.0.

Weekly Question: What was your favorite scene from either series?
by Pickle9775 at 7:52 PM
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Okay so before we do anything, like at all. I think we should start with the most important thing I have to say. A very beloved member of this community and of the staff, has resigned. @Vidcom has stepped down as Head Concept Designer. Unlike his previous step down, he is not stepping up into a new role. He has left the ranks of Project Korra staff entirely. He was a cornerstone of this community for the longest time, so I think we should all honor him.

As such, several positions have been swapped in the ranks of staff. Taking over for Vidcom as the head of Concept Design is former Digital Director: @Kiam McQuaid

As for the Digital Department, it has been more or less disbanded, many of its responsibilities being absorbed into the Community Moderation Department. Speaking of Community Moderators, let's all give a big round of applause for our newest Moderator: @Easte I'm sure we can all expect great things from him.

This update...
by Mist at 2:02 PM
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Hello everyone -- hope all is well. I wanted to take a moment to write this post to remind everyone of our sponsorship program.

For those that didn't know -- it costs a decent bit of money to run ProjectKorra every month. We pay to keep our web servers up and running (and protected). We rely on advertisements (which don't pull in as much revenue as people may think) and sponsorships to keep our project afloat.

That said, Sponsorships do not grant you any additional access to the project. Sponsorships are simply a goodwill contribution. You receive a new color + title on the forum, and you are able to use an Adblocker, but that's about it. We ask that if you can, you consider contributing to our project not for incentive, rather, for the sake of helping the project stay afloat.

I look to upgrade our servers this summer, so any sized contribution will help.

You can become a sponsor at this link. There are two upgrades...
by Pickle9775 at 7:44 PM
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Alright guys, so, we've decided to shift the community updates over to Fridays, that way we can try to get most stuff done on weekends. More play time amirite? Anyway, let's begin shall we?

Concept Design: Many of you have seen Fyf's post about sources. For those of you who have not, Fire and Air will now require sources in order to further balance out the PvP aspects. Fire for fire and air for air. Simple enough no?. Also in the line of concept design (hey that rhymed, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it): Easte has replaced Vidcom as the Head Concept Designer. Easte won the position after defeating him in a 1v1 duel. (More on this later).

Development: Two of our developers, Jedk1 and StrangeOne101 have been reassigned to the Welsh Department. As such we won't be seeing much from them for quite a while as they must now tend to the official Project Korra sheep.. In other news many people on servers are complaining about bugs, yet very few actually...
by Pickle9775 at 6:43 PM
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Hey all you PK People! The Project Korra staff is hard at work. So let's just jump right in for the update.

Development: The dev team has begun making the final changes to the latest version. Lead Developer, Omnicypher wants you to expect a new update this week.

Digital: Not much, but please continue to ask your questions for the upcoming Q&A

Community Question: Why aren't you asking more questions? :p
by Pickle9775 at 10:24 PM
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Hey All you wonderful Project Korra People! It's time for another community update. We have a lot of neat stuff for me to tell you about. As we all know Mojang dropped Minecraft Version 1.9. It will take some time for us to make the switch, but I encourage you to wait. In department news here's what you need to know.

The team has begun testing the latest builds of each plugin.

Our Digital Department head: Kiam, has asked me to inform you all that another ProjectKorra Q&A will be occurring shortly. So if you have any questions for the Project Korra staff, please post them in the comment section
*Disclaimer*: Any questions regarding release dates will not be answered, nor will and PMed questions.

Community Question:
How would you like to see the staff become more interactive with the community?
by Pickle9775 at 5:26 PM
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Hello All! First and foremost- A message from Mist(phizzle) "tell everyone I love them and I hope they’re having a great day". Know that Mist has not abandoned the Project, and he still cares deeply for us.
Beta Builds: I know that last week we promised a new Beta Build within the week, but things are looking like we might have to push it back a bit. However if the Build does come out, ignore the previous statement.

Concept Design:
Head CD- Vidcom has begun considering to resign from ProjectKorra all together in order to pursue personal interests. In lighter news, a New Concept Designer has been hired: SuchCake, Welcome to the Team!


Do you have any experience creating video content for a Minecraft setting?
Do you know anything about graphic design and/or digital art?
Are you savvy with creating resource packs?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, you might be a good candidate for our...
by Kiam McQuaid at 10:11 PM
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Hey, ProjectKorra community! This is Kiam, updating all of you again this week (2 in a row, it's a personal record). I have a short but sweet update for all of you. So stay tuned for the following programming.

Updates for ALL the plugins will be out within the upcoming week (EVERYTHING is being tested as you read this).

Omnicypher: "We are looking into upgrading to the new spigot 1.9 but the stable 1.8 build takes precedence, PK 1.8.0 will be for MC 1.8" This means that we will be updating PK, but after we finish releasing 1.8.0, and after MC 1.9 becomes more widely supported by other plugins.

We are still looking for suggestions involving the Spirits plugin. If you need some inspiration, a GIF was posted recently giving a preview of Spirits:

Thank you all for tuning into this week's...
by Kiam McQuaid at 9:55 PM
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Hello, ProjectKorra community! This is Kiam comin' at cha' with a community update. Before I go on, I'd just like to acknowledge that all members of the ProjectKorra staff team appreciate your patience regarding the release of new beta builds, and we hope to do the best we can to continue to provide the best experience for each and every one of you!
That being said, I have a few announcements to make regarding the community and plugin as a whole.


Do you have any experience creating video content for a Minecraft setting?
Do you know anything about graphic design and/or digital art?
Are you savvy with creating resource packs?
If you said yes to any of the above questions, you might be a good candidate for our Digital Team!
Led up by myself, we have a few different responsibilities in the PK community. Most notably, we are responsable for providing the graphics used on the Wiki, the Website and social media. We...​
by Vidcom at 6:19 PM
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To anyone interested in being a CD, please fill out this form to be considered!


Only 1 place is open, so competition may be high.