Reimagine Minecraft

ProjectKorra is a new type of Minecraft community. It’s a collection of plugins, mods, and other creative Minecraft additions that will bring the worlds of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra into Minecraft.

We are best known for our Bending plugin available on Spigot, but have expanded to include new plugins to expand the Avatar Universe and a Forge mod to allow players to bend in Single player.


Official Minecraft Server


New Benders on the server will be able to pick from any of the elements and access their abilities immediately. Players are free to roam our custom Avatar map, build their own empires, or do more competitive bending in the arena.

The server comes equipped with factions and a full economy system to allow players to interact with each other, create alliances, and start their own nations and empires.

Which element will you choose? How will you play? It’s up to you!