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Attention benders! ProjectJelly has been canceled due to other projects at hand. However, I will be releasing some of the abilities that were going to be featured in the plugin. I will also be updating my current abilities and adding new features soon. Please submit any suggestions regarding my current abilities or some new ones in my Private Messages. Thank you, and I hope to be getting your valuable feedback soon.
Hey Chrono, didn't even know that u are not only magicspells coder(I enjoy playing on Naruto Adventures). You are really cool guy
Being an Earthbender is rough, you really have to dance around the fact you basically throw rocks at people.
Airbending is worse. Imagine aiming something you can't see.
I'm out of town until Monday and will not be answering any messages. Please contact the appropriate department if you need anything.
Tommorow is the time of the year - my B-DAY. If you would like to, wish me in the following two hours.