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Suggestion Wooden Sword - Airbending Staff

1. Since 'stick >> airbending staff' would look way odd when in need to craft a smaller weapon from long stick.
2. Nothing is canon close to a wooden sword in avatar universe, other than making it airbending staff. Plus - it fits in hardness aspect of the weapon pretty well in comparison.
3. You just turn melons into cabbages, so there's no excuse as to why not make wooden sword into airbending staff :D


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But, the thing with that is, A stick better fits a glider because its basically that in its condensed form. A wooden sword looks like a giant dagger that would actually prevent you from flying.
So? with resource pack you could reshape it into a long stick. They shrunken down elytra, so yeah...

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they already ruined cows. They don't fly anyway, and "bisons" can now be milked... like srls wft?

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I was sarcasticly bashing. He tried to nitpick on one detail, so I did as well for a counter but it seems I failed :D

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