Weekly Community Update (August 27, 2017)


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Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well. If you’re located along the Texas coast, or anywhere that is being hit by Hurricane Harvey, please take extra precaution to ensure your own safety.

Without further ado, this is going to be a quick community update to give everyone an idea of where things are as we head into the school year and wind down the Summer.

Development Updates

There isn't too much to report on the Development front. Our Developers are hard at work to continue releasing new content while fixing several bugs, but there just isn't much to report at this moment. With school starting, Development will slow down a little bit, but should not grind to a halt. Expect more specific Development updates in the near future.

Server Updates

@Hades had a personal emergency this week, so we’ve been a bit slower on rolling out major updates. He’s still in and out, but we’ve made some progress on a few things. Here’s a couple of things that have changed recently:

  • Each site grants you 1 keycard and $25 in-game.
  • Keycards are used to trade at spawn to the keycard trader for crate keys.
  • There are three types of keys:
    • Voter Key (4 key cards, 1 day of voting) — Gets you basic items and chance of some building crates.
    • Korra Key (16 key cards, 4 days of voting) — Gets you a better chance at building crates and more useful items.
    • Spawner Crate (32 key cards, 8 days of voting), gives you a chance at all spawners / spawn eggs. Spawners are rarer and eggs are more common.
  • Information on how or where to vote can be accessed using /vote in-game or by visiting http://projectkora.com/server/
Staffing Updates

We are still processing the abundance of Applications we received and are still able to hire a few more people. Just a couple of notes:
  • We are currently at our Moderating team capacity and are therefor not hiring more. It’s safe to say if you haven’t received a response on your Moderator application, you were not accepted at this time. There will be an update as to when we are hiring more for our Moderating staff later.
  • We are hiring for the Digital team and I’m still processing through applications. Preference are given to people with the following skills at this time:
    • Social Media Management
    • Graphic Design / Branding
  • And we’re processing applications for Developers particularly experienced in Bukkit/Spigot plugin development AND Forge development.
If you’re located along the Texas coast, or anywhere that is being hit by Hurricane Harvey, please take extra precaution to ensure your own safety.
My home and town was hit really bad by the hurricane. I'm on through my phone which only gets little service in very few areas of town.

If you know anyone affected please ensure they're okay. I know many people who are no longer able to live here and are forced to move. Many houses look like they exploded and are uninhabitable. It was a really bad system and continues to terrorize Houston and Galveston.