Suggestion WAVE

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I think what would create be a lot great, is by making it more dynamic. Considering this mod is based of the show, the ability isn’t exactly accurately portrayed on how it behaves, looks and functions.

1. Whenever I read the name of it, a different (overexaggrated,If you will) image comes to mind when visualizing it (1#). To make it short, the wave should be bigger (that run of a sentence sounds ironic) and more of a wave-looking in a shape (something along the lines of these. Of course, this would depend by the size of the pool your launching from. Right now, it looks like what a baby waterbender would do, no offense to whoever designed this ability. Perhaps the size of it could be connected per how far you sweep your cursor upwards a canon example of the procress. The Higher you sweep, the taller/bigger it grows. For a downfall to balance it out, when it’s oversize it would travel less?

2. Second of all, it shouldn’t stop when reaching over-land. It should continue off. Even a beginner knows a common-thumb of rule: it’s a common sense to not take a dip in water while fighting a waterbender. It being restricted to ponds gives it barely any practical use, as it’s situational to come across other bender/mob that would be chilling in water apart from the squids (#2).

3. It should be more maneuverable. Allow the bender to steer it to a certain extent (limited height and can’t go backwards) with a mouse cursor. That’s pretty much it (#3.)

4. Many users of waterbending use these waves to propel themselves across distances by riding one, and carrying enemies/others in their wake (4#, #4.1.). This would work by selecting the ability and doing a jump, while facing your bank of a pond.

5. To composate for all the overpowered stuff above, the wave should only deal knockback instead damage. Not only for balance sake, but it would make sense as an uproaching surge can’t just kill you alone unless it indirectly injures you, e.i. thrusting you a sharp object and by knocking the victim out by pushing them into a solid wall.
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