Suggestion Water Logic for Waterbending.


Well, I am a fanatic for waterbending. The fluidity and versatility it brings makes me giddy. However there are several frustrations that I had with the Project Korra version of waterbending.

Waterbending brings onto the table a generous amount of crowd control effects, most prominently slows and freezes. Some support abilities also give waterbending a bit of an advantage.

Project Korra's waterbending has some things that makes me really mad. One of it is the fact that water disappears immediately.
In the show, even missed water attacks leave puddles rather than immediately disappearing into thin air.

My suggestion is that every water attack, cancelled or missed would leave a small water block that can only spread a few blocks and disappear after that.

Torrent's whole stream if cancelled would have its tip splash down and create a water puddle that would spread up to 3 blocks from the point of touchdown or entity. This would at least make Torrent's requirement to hold shift to even attack someone a bit more forgiving when the puddle could significantly slow an opponent even for a second for a second Torrent attack. The same could be applied to every water based attack or combo.

Another suggestion is charge attacks. Waterbenders are able to hold their water for an extended period of time for a more strategic use and adaptability. But holding it for a long time does not increase its damage.

What I would like to see is that attacks that has capability to "charge" (Torrent/Water Manipulation/etc) gain the ability to pool more water by holding shift longer for about 1.5 seconds or less where it would detect any available sourceblock and also pick it up, increasing the damage by about 25% and slow the projectile speed by the same amount. This charged attack would create a bigger temporary puddle or a much bigger ice dome.

Surge is another problem. It sends out a plate of water that can be frozen instantly to form a blinding screen of ice. What I suggest is that like the show, Surge creates a massive 2x2 water stream that then 'surrounds' the entity it touches and creates a water bubble where the ice forms from the outside of the bubble that quickly freezes inwards as long as Shift is held. The freezing stops should Shift be unheld, leaving the water within the ice shell to disappear.

Well, that's all I had to rant about anyway. I hope water logic gets added.