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Voided Society


Voided Society


IP: VoidedSociety.nitrous.it


A server in which you play the world as the map, bend, and create covenants.

You start off in a one time spawn which leads to a tp to every country, state, and province in the world. (Inform me if I'm missing a place you'd personally like)

You choose where you would like to live in earth.

Choose an Element and stay with it. (A tier system is being worked for earning elements and abilities.)

Fight hard mobs with custom weapons, armor, and shields. All balanced to create a perfect blend of pvp, pve, skill and bending (No arenas, everything is in the wild besides the tournaments which will be in the spawn hub)

Weekly-Monthly-Yearly Tournaments giving out special prizes and ranks to add more competition in the server. (Not ready yet)

Server rules:
-No Hacking
-No Xraying
-No Multi-Accounting

-No cheating

Faction Rules:
-No tnt griefing
-No fire griefing

Main Plugins:
-Project Korra 1.8.2

-Custom Tier system

This server is not for the feint of heart. It's a hard server with serious staff who will not tolerate any sort of breaking of the rules.

*Also I am in need of builders for building a spawn and bending arenas

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