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Suggestion The Wiki

Less or more related to the mod, but let's talk about the mod.

Why did the modding department took over projectkorra.wikia.com domain? First of, it doesn't make sense, because the name of it suggests projectkorra.wikia.com - a name derived from a plugin. Second, it has it's own disbanded one called avatarmod2.wikia.com. It can be continue from there.

A small complaint, but nevertheless a critique that I felt like addressing.


Also I'd just like to say, why isn't there any wiki at all? Would be great for a returning server owner to be able to even use the plugin again...
There used to be one, but it died out over. What's weirder, staff aren't concern about it. However, I am working on one right now, unofficialyl but still trying to have it provide the necessary valid information as their should be.