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Spirits: The Complete Set

Spirits: The Complete Set Build 9, PK 1.8.9, Spirits 1.10.13


Pride updated Spirits: The Complete Set with a new update entry:


- New LightSpirit ability: Safeguard
- New LightSpirit combo: Awakening
- New DarkSpirit ability: Shadow
- New DarkSpirit combo: Nightmare
- New Spirit (neutral) combo: Skyrocket
- Replaced new passive SuperLuck with Afterglow
- Tweaked with the pull effect in Pandemonium
- Bug fixes such as:
  • fixed Corruption bug that still activates while on cooldown
  • fixed Pandemonium and Sanctuary bug where it doesn't...
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Just wondering if this set is useable on 1.16, it looks amazing and would love to add it to my server!
I have version 1.8.9 of Projectkorra and 1.15.2 spigot and numins latest it still doesnt work for me help pls i really wanted this one on my server