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So i just made the long awaited Glider resource pack


For Optifine 1.16.x

ok so first of, i made the elytra invisible so its not in the way when gliding with the staff4251

so to get the good old traditional staff, rename a stick to:
airbender staff
[dont worry about the capital letters ;)]

and here it is, the actual Staff
(i know, the outfit is not fitting XD)

so, to start gliding with it
equip the invisible elytra (that u can actually glide, just a resource pack lol)
and swap hands (default: F)
here is what it looks like


and when gliding with it in your offhand and the invisible elytra we get the wanted result

(sry i know that it looks weird, cant get a good shot when alone)

and thats what it looks like in first person when its in your offhand :)

now to the "Book 3: Fire" version
you have to call this one: v2 staff

(again, dont worry about capital letters)

there we go, beautiful as expected lol

how it looks on your back/in your offhand

and when gliding with it

(sry for unloaded terrain lol)

side note:
this is my first blockbench project/post on the pk forum/resource pack, so if there are any problems just comment
but its more likely that i answer on discord: Borben #5916
and more likely means that im online every day except there is a extraordinary situation lmao
but yeah, i just wanted to make this because it made me sad that there are no (good) airbender glider/staff resource packs
thats why i post it here :)

turned out pretty good for my first blockbench project in my opinion haha

scroll down to the updated version for download
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Amazing job for your first blockbench project, well done!
Would you mind if I include it in my bending tpack? Cx


Amazing job for your first blockbench project, well done!
Would you mind if I include it in my bending tpack? Cx
thank you
of course not, i made this for people to use whereever they want
but maybe u could credit me lol


i just realized that this works really well with elytra boosting
(that trick where u cloud hop with a elytra)
its like how airbenders boost with their gliders in the series, kind of lol
and it looks great Flight too


now if u have 2 (exactly 2, not more) of one of the 2 staffs, you hold them differently :
thats how it looks when you have 2 of the one or the other staff in you main hand

and thats how it looks when you have 2 of the one or the other staff in your offhand
if you then seperate them in your inventory to single staffs, it will get the old "mode" back and you will be able to glide with it again in your offhand




I like it, would like to see more minecraft style for the models, but it's good work anyway


now if you put a wool color behind the name of the staff, it gets that color when the staff is opened
4272 ____________________________4273
a stick called
airbender staff red when in your offhand,_____________________and this one is called airbender staff gray

note: airbender staff orange wont work because the standard one (airbender staff) is already orange, but every other minecraft color will work
same for the book 3 staff:

4274_____________________________ 4275

v2 staff purple v2 staff white
for the v2 staff you can use every minecraft color
enjoy lol

if there are any bugs just comment and i will fix them