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Royal Legacy

Royal Legacy:

First login to minecraft with version 1.9 or 1.10, and then Connect through RLN.Rocks or Play.RoyalLegacy.US After, type /server factions!

Features our Bending server offers:

  • Factions
  • Double Life, rankup with in game money to get up to 3 health bars!
  • PvP Arena for Bending
  • mcMMO
  • Competitive Economy
  • Easy Shop to sell and buy items with a simple click
  • Lockette & Custom Lock Picking
  • Exclusive Custom Enchantments
  • Free Rankups
  • Free Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Rewards

Updates & Info on our Website: http://www.royallegacy.us
Global Rules: http://royallegacy.us/threads/server-rules.62/

This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff is not responsible of your gameplay experience while on this server.