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Looking Into QuickStrike + SwiftKick = SwiftStrike + Improvements

These two stock abilities should be replaced, but combine into one new ability called SwiftStrike (hence the name). Those abilities are lacking for other controls, so this would leave a bit less room for that.

The Controls should stay the for the quickstrike (left click), but swiftkick should work automaticly while the ability is selected and when you're failing straight down on the user (sneaking doesn't really make sense, because it only makes your upper body lean, but taking the fall with feet position right that results in striking the opponent is more realistic).

Also, If (and should) Paralyze and Immobilize moves get wiped off the plugin, I think quickstrike should have a rare chance of paralyzing someone. And when that happens, to give the user a drawback: all puncing-related abilities should be put on a cooldown on behave on the user who paralyze the opponent, or at very least make the paralyzed victim be immune to rapidpunch. This would add much more balance to the technique that renders muscles of others useless.
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I really like the concept of Chi Combinations as it reminds me of martial arts which bending and chi blocking is based off of, and I wish I could post a gif of what I see when I think of this.

Looking Into!