ProjectKorra needs a new Official Server

Staff literally never play. At all. It's embarassing. Who is paying for this server to stay up? Why? What's the point? It's just a bunch of 10 year olds spamming chat with nazi memes and random links to their youtube channels/discords

Edit: Correction, I have seen one moderator on in the past two months and they were recruiting people to BendingMC
I would presume they forgot to shut it down before busy life caught them and took their time away to continue managing it.
Hello PireGordYzumo,

I think you do have a point, and I agree with some of your statement.
I've noticed staff are a bit inactive on the Official Project Korra servers.
But I don't think they need a new Official server. The current one is fine in my opinion. Others may say something different, though I just feel as if active members of the community were appointed as staff, and can handle their positions with responsibility, then the problem would be solved.

P.S. Make sure to report the advertisers and spammers on the forums. ;)