ProjectKorra Community Update (August 17th, 2017)


Staff member
Hello everyone! I wanted to provide everyone with an update about what has been happening with ProjectKorra. This is going to be a bit lengthy, so grab a snack and settle in as I walk you through all things ProjectKorra!

Staff Applications

Since the launch of the server, we’ve had A LOT of new applications come in. I’m catching up on processing a vast majority of them, but I do plan on responding to them all in due time -- even if we’re outside of the original 10-day waiting period.

I will address a couple of quick notes about staff applications in general:
  • Everyone that wants to join the team MUST fill out the application in its entirety. Private messages are not staff applications. If an application asks for a portfolio (i.e. Builder applications) and you respond with “message me for more info,” your application will be denied.
  • Just because your application is denied, doesn’t mean it is bad. We have a lot of people applying for very few spots. Our server Moderating staff is essentially full at this point and that’s what we receive the most applications for. In the future, we’ll expand the staff here as the server grows.
  • We are still looking for an actively hiring Developers, Builders, and people for the Digital team. If you have a pending application to any of these departments, expect a response soon about the status. These applications are my highest priority for now.
    • Digital team folks: We are looking primarily for graphic designers, video people, and people that can texture / model mobs, items, blocks, etc.
Server Details

We’ve seen mixed to positive responses on the server since we launched and I wanted to address a few important things.

First and foremost, the server is a work-in-progress. Think of it as an “Open Beta.” We are still actively toying with new features and implementing new stuff into the server. The server exists now as a way to bring members of the community together.

Second, we’ve settled on using Factions for now. Simply put, it is doing what we need it to do for now. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of internal debate about which land protection plugins to use and we found Factions to be the best for what we needed it for, for now. WE understand that different people may have their different preferences, and that’s totally cool. We at ProjectKorra are also KEENLY aware that we will not please everyone, ever. There are always critics (valid, most of the time!)

Third, voting for exclusive stuff on the server is now open. You can visit the server landing page @ OR use /vote in-game and vote once per-day per-website to receive rewards.

Discord, Shoutbox, Server, and Forum Rules

Please keep in mind that the community rules apply across all of our services. This means that the rules labeled community rules on the forum do apply on Discord, the server, etc. Additional rules specific to each service can be found in each service. For example, you can find additional server rules by using the /rules command on the server.

Featured Servers

Featured Servers have done wonders in keeping ProjectKorra ad-free and allowing us to release our products for free and sustain the opening of the Minecraft server. With that being said, I wanted to introduce everyone to a new kind of featured server that appears on the home page. Full-page features run in the same window as a regular featured server, but is brought through a bidding page that is made available on the first of each month. This is to keep pricing fair and allow servers to purchase at what they think is a reasonable price. Bidding for featured servers starts at $20. More information on how to get a full page feature for your server will come closer to September when the next slot goes on sale, but here’s an example of what it will look like on the ProjectKorra home page.

Server owners will be able to provide a screenshot for the background (we’ll edit the tint to make text legible!), a server trailer, a blurb about what’s to offer, or more. It’ll offer server owners the opportunity to be creative. Once payments go through, we'll work with you to get this done in a creative, eye-catching, and effective way.

Our home page gets more than 9,000 unique visitors each month, so it would be a great way to get your server in front of more players.

Closing thoughts

There’s some more stuff coming through the tubes in the coming weeks that we’re finalizing details on, but I’ll leave you with this:

There’s a lot going on in the world this week. From the events in Charlottesville, to terror attacks across the world. I won’t get into people’s political beliefs, but stay safe, love one another and your neighbors, and leave this world in a better place than it was when you found it.

Have a nice weekend!
Will we get any news about the server furthermore?

First and foremost, the server is a work-in-progress. Think of it as an “Open Beta.” We are still actively toying with new features and implementing new stuff into the server. The server exists now as a way to bring members of the community together.
What stuff have you guys implanted so far? Just asking, since I haven't notice anything change other than replacing preciousstone with factions.

Also, when will the wiki be back and running? People need to check permissions, so the sooner it gets running the better.