Project Korra for Hytale?


Wouldn't be cool if this bending mod was be remade for Hytale?

With Hytale being supposedly much easier to mod for
And with how much more dynamic things seem like they could be in that games engine
It would be AMAZING!

Imagine earthbending and waterbending NOT being all laggy and choppy.
or imagine airbending and firebending not just being a bunch of particles.

please no one be offended at me for saying this I know this mod would have to be COMPLETELY redone.
I'm just a long time fan of this mod hoping to see it live in a new game.


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As discussed previously in the shoutbox, there is not enough information about Hytale currently to say whether or not ProjectKorra moves/ports to it. It does look very promising, sure, but without more information about the inner workings of Hytale, how communities will be run, etc, it's impossible to say whether ProjectKorra will move forward onto that platform.