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Pk Resource Pack


There is too much blue !!! Blue harts , blue inventory , blue crafting benches , blue slots .....
It does help having the slots labelled but it is hard to see which one is selected as it is almost 0 contrast between the blue slots and the blue selection thing (the one that thickens the contour of the square).
Lava look amazing almost like in the show but I was a little disappointed as to see no new fire/air particles (don't get me wrong I know that this is just the first version ever to be released).
The texture in general looks good even do it's very sharp ( probably because it is x16 ) and the colours are a little to vibrant for my likings. In general this is a high quality resource pack that has a long road up ahead but a lot of potential.


Feedback very much appreciated. I will add a better contrasting highlight to the selector. Depending on how other people view the colors, I will way whats changed. Thank you!


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Plugin Developer
You should make some of the menues and such better representative of the four elements, or one element each like the pause menu be one element and the creative inv be another and survival be another.


Hello guys ! Thx to the 1.8.1 update 1 I had the opportunity to go in depth with the resource pack. It provides a variety of original textures and after a long stare at my monitor I have concluded that it is something pleasant to the eye. With only on bug (nothing crucial) that I could find it is a very stable add on to your minecraft client.
The new slot selection mechanic is now clear and personally I love the general wool texture. The one thing that I would like improved is well something small. Upon entering any container type block the various text such as "Inventory" or "Furnace" is dark grey. This with the dark blue of your inventory makes it very hard to understand, no contrast (note: this is not the bug that I was talking about, for that cheek the bug report section).