Particles Improved - By Chaoz


Introducing: Particles Improved v.4!
brought to you by Chaoz

Are you tired of being constantly harassed by the hot-men? Weep no more, for this is your solution!
This texture pack guarantees better particles so that your screen doesn't get clogged up blocking your vision!

Video Demonstration:

Hello everyone, Chaoz here.
I have returned to give you all a gift, one that has been wished for a millennium.

I made this for personal use, since I'm color blind. Whenever I get shot at with a FireBlast or something of the like, it's like my whole vision is blocked! So my solution was to make the particles smaller! Not only have the fire particles been improved upon, but a few distinct water particles too! Ice passive looks more responsive now, and...
Air particles now look sharper and fizzier than ever!

Download Now to Make Fighting Fire-benders Easier!
If there is something you don't like, or something you'd like to see added, or even just a suggestion, please tell! I will try my best to update as soon as possible.


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