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New Metalbending Moves

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All of the abilities listed below are ideas that could potentially be added for Earthbenders with the Sub-Element of Metalbending. If you like any of the abilities or have any suggestions on how to make them better, post them in the comments :p

New Metalbending Abilities:
- Refraction: This move gives a Metalbender the ability to sense ores that are around their minecraft character. This is basically a more powerful version of Seismic Sense (Move suggested by me earlier).
1) While a user is mining and has the ability Refraction bound to their hotbar, a user can will press shift and any ores within 6 blocks will begin to glow (have a white outline). The user will also receive night vision for 5 seconds after using this move.
2) A user can also shift and hold to have a continuous sight of the ores that are around them along with the night vision. After a user releases shift, the blocks will no longer be outlined, but they will have night vision for 5 seconds.

- IronAdjust: This move gives a Metalbender control of all metal objects.
1) When a user looks at a redstone object containing metal and holds shift, the object will be toggled
(The items that can be toggled include: Iron Doors, Pistons, and Iron Pressure Plates.)
2) Iron adjust also effects mobs that are made from metal. For instance, Mobs that are made of iron should not be able to be bloodbended, IronAdjust would have the ability to freeze mobs such as Iron Golems by holding shift and looking at them.

- MetalArmor: This is not a new ability, this is just a re-configuration of EarthArmor. EarthArmor generally takes 2 earth blocks out of the ground to form into the leather armor, but if a user is a Metalbender and one of the 2 blocks they select contain an ore such as gold or iron (Iron blocks and Gold blocks count as well) they will receive that type of armor. For Example: If the top block is an Iron block and the bottom block is a normal earth block, the user will receive an Iron Hat, Iron Chest plate, Leather Pants, and Leather boots. The top block controls the hat and chest plate and the bottom block represents the pants and boots. If the top block is an Iron block and the bottom block is a gold ore, the user will receive an Iron Hat, Iron Chest plate, Golden Pants, and Golden boots.


Well well well...

Refraction is more of an "upgrade" to Tremorsense. As a result, to have it as a separate bind is questionable, but I can see it being used as an upgrade.

IronAdjust is an interesting extension of the door passive, but I can see it used as a passive with iron-golem-bloodbending requiring the slot only

MetalArmor is very familiar ;D
Not open for further replies.