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Suggestion New Combo "WaterTorpedo" for the Water Benders


Hello, i use this plugin since a lot of time and recently i got a really nice idea.
I want to add a new Combo, for the Water benders, named "WaterTorpedo" or an other name you can change it.
It's a combo based on the Riptide enchantment of Minecraft:
- can be used only in the water
- duration: 10 seconds
- cooldown: 7 seconds
- type: Combo
- when you do this move you have a water spiral around you
(to do: WaterSpout + PhaseChange + WaterManipulation)
Thank you very much for your plugin! ;)


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What exactly would this combo do? I'm unfamiliar with the "riptide" enchantment so I'm not exactly sure what that is or what it does.