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Moves Whilst In Avatarstate

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Is this a familiar sight to you? Maybe not, most servers charge a load for avatarstate, but this isn't for self advertisement. If it is you know all too well that moves in avatarstate get spammed, no matter how much you nerf them

To the main idea:

  • Moves that are Avatar State spammable should have a configurable cooldown. Also whether or not they get any sort of relative boost out of Avatarstate other than the power multiplier.
Is this OP:
  • No, it's literally meant to PREVENT a move that's glorious from being overpowered on servers that use it. It IS intended to be overpowered, but some users just don't get that.
Why should this be added:
  • It'll solve the problem above, and it'll give a wider aspect on what you want your avatars to be. Obviously banning spam of moves isn't cutting it as it seems unnecessary

Enabled: true
Description: *Insert fancy description)
ChargeTime: 500
Cooldown: 0
Range: 20
Damage: 2
DamageInitialDelay: 2
DamageInterval: 1
SlowPotency: 1
SlowDelay: 0.5
SlowInterval: 1.25
BlindPotentcy: 30
BlindDelay: 2
BlindInterval: 1.5
CanBeUsedOnUndeadMobs: true
RequireConstantAim: true
RequireConstantAimRadius: 5
AnimationRadius: 2.0
AnimationParticleAmount: 1
AnimationSpeed: 1.0

Enabled: true
Description: *Le fancy description*
Speed: 20
AvatarCooldown: True
Range: 20
Radius: 2
Push: 0.3
Damage: 1.5
Cooldown: 1500
Dissipate: false
FireTicks: 2
ChargeTime: 3000
Damage: 4
DamageRadius: 4
DamageBlocks: true
ExplosionRadius: 1
Range: 20
FireTicks: 4

I believe I seen a similar thread to this, but I'm not sure entirelly sure about that.

I do like an idea off adding avarstate affected techniques as their own configuration options to each of them.


Moves that are Avatar State spammable should have a configurable cooldown
I EXTREMELY agree/support this idea, avatar state is just too powerful, there should be some limitations, especially lightning and fireblast(charged). .

heres an example


Some moves already exist with Avatar Options. Like Air Shield and Water Spout have an Avatar State Toggle option. Although these don't deal with damage/power/spam/etc so I agree.
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