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IP: megami.cubed.pro
Website: http://megami.enjin.com/

This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff is not responsible of your gameplay experience while on this server.

An industrialized world with no more time to allow petty deities to play god. Megami's setting is based in a post-medieval era just as industrialization and new technology flooded the globe. Powered railways, new materials, and most of all, a new breed of Bender.

As an era of peace settled over the world, benders of all different types began to move and intercede, resulting in cross-breeds known as Deltas. These Deltas were born with one element, then at adolescence showed an aptitude for the element of their other parent as well. The new generation was met with heavy emotions of all kinds. Some positive, some negative. No matter the stance taken, the choice was staunch.

Mostly, those who opposed the deltas were single element born people, known as Puritans. Whether it was jealousy or a strong belief in old traditions, the Puritans despised the Deltas. Naturally, this sparked dissension among citizens and resulted in a new passing of power. A singular parliament that has a say in all forms of politics among all nations. Although elected through democracy, this new parliament was often caught choosing favorites...

All of these changes lead to the lore and plot you see before you today! Step forth, and be a functioning member of society!

Welcome to Megami!

Or go isolate yourself on someone else's territory.. just don't get killed.


Don't be rude.
We are very lax on language and the way people act, as long as you're not harassing people and causing issues for the server, you're chill.

Respect Nation Laws.
Each Nation has its own set of laws and regulations that if you choose to build there, you must adhere to. Those Nation leaders reserve the right to use force to evict you from the premises. If the reason for eviction violates some form of server rule, then staff may have to get involved.

Don't Hack or Cheat.
This should be self-explanatory.

Don't Whine or Spam the Chat.
This should really go without saying, if you are filling up most of the messages of the chat, you are clearly out of line. Don't abuse caps and avoid spamming. Complaining about a death of your character or losing in the arena is grounds to be considered spam as well. Just be mature.

Don't Grief Outside of Scheduled Raids
If you haven't declared open war on another state or nation, then you have no right to break within their territory and grief. You will be temp-banned for a few days on the first offense, and possibly permanently banned after any offenses thereafter. Respect others and you will be respected yourself.

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Already joined and I was welcomed in a very friendly way. I really like the concept. Hope to be able to be online more regularly.


This sounds cool and creative, somewhat like a more realistic version of the X-Men, since you know, since everyone has some amount of power, those with two elements don't have as much of an advantage as a mutant would have over a human, and somewhat like a refrigerator. I will check this server out later.


Just a quick update!
We are now fully stocked with custom mobs and a new line of custom armor for those mobs to drop! Mobs are nation specific, in order to foster a need for nations to interact and trade! Each nation has an armor set specific to it with a special effect when you wear the whole set! On top of this update, we're also working on Raid Bosses and a quest line to certainly keep everyone busy!


Quick Update
We have begun development on a fully fledged dungeon system with the ability to enter with friends and grind for loot and boss drops! Aside from that, we have implemented more armor and weapons and have begun endeavors to expand upon our lore! Give us a try and we'll do our best to make you feel welcome <3