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MedicalKit 2.0.0


Orion_Solus submitted a new resource:

MedicalKit - A Medical Kit used by ChiBlokers to heal in battle.

Element Designed For : Chi

Description : A ChiBlokers understanding of the human body can be put to use in combat if needed. The Medical Kit can be used by a chi blocker to heal himself or a team mate. To use simply press sneak and you will heal yourself. If you click on a player within a certain radius you will instead heal him.

Permissions: - Default ;...
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Dunno what it was, but when i installed this move it completely stopped all bending, I'd get "There are no ______ abilities available" (NONE of the element moves were able to be used anymore.


Actually don't want to put it on my server again with people on, Sorry but if it works fine for everyone else it's prob just me.


Aha so the official 1.5.0 release, well that's the one I used to make the ability so no problem there, I think that for now I will just weight to sea if someone else has the same problem and then I will look into it.


Staff member
Plugin Developer
Ok so there weren't any of the elemental abilities and no avatarstate. MedicalKit itself wasn't there