Suggestion Flow (Ability)

Da Psic

Water is supposed to be controllable, always changing like the tides, this ability is exactly that and with it somewhat the depth and maneuverability of water bending increases.

Flow grants water benders the possibility of reusing and control water to use with their other abilities.
I will write a detailed version.

Flow (Ability)
(All this would happen fast, can't fast swim)

1.Right Click with the mouse near water will raise the water like waterspout but in that place,even with plants.
a.Left Click will throw the spouts/water at high speeds, dealing 1 damage.
b.Shift will activate the spout/s (raising it if not in touch with water/ice/snow) .
c.Now Holding Shift will bring the spout/s closer to the mouse while letting it go will advance it further till out of range(goes very fast). Doesn't deal damage, but slight knocksback anything hit.
c1.Clicking while holding shift will freeze it in place(temporary), toggle .
c2.Spamming shift when frozen with enough water will increase the water around the spout area creating a surge/torrent ice bubble, layer by layer(*per shift) and entities in contact with that water will be brought closer and frozen.
(no cooldown by default)

2. Holding Shift will bring nearby watersources(plants too) near you(including nearby waterbenders water), creating a torrent like effect if theres enough water else it will be a blob like watermanipulation(water will raise and come to the player), this water can then be used for other abilities as well as the click effect of this one, it will disperse if not used after switching twice.
a.Left Click will throw the torrent or blob in the direction of the mouse but you cannot control it and it won't disappear if you switch slots.
a1.Right Click will freeze it on its way, giving slowness 1 to things hit.
(no cooldown by default)
b.Jump and you will be able to ride that water.

These two videos show great water bending demonstrations:

This is alot of coding work if anyone decides to put effort into it and create it.