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Looking Into (Fire) Extinguishing Players

The title says it all.
Extinguish players like how you extinguish fire, lava, and your hopes and dreams when you've been firebending for too long.
Chances are if firebenders can extinguish molten rock, then they can extinguish flames on human flesh.


Staff member
Plugin Developer
I like this idea a lot actually, who is to say a firebender can extinquish themselves, but not another player?

I'm going to mark this as something to look into.


True but i feel like it should be very specific for combat. There's the problem of accidental extinguishing. Only someone your cursor is trained on becomes extinguished sounds conditional enough to me, I wouldn't want to bind heatcontrol so that I can extinguish the opponent I worked so hard to burn :p
Looking at the flaming entity and sneaking should be the way to go. Particle animation (like in todays recent betas/stables, smoke particles should start to flow towards from the torched player).
If this won't take a while to code, which shouldn't. Couldn't we get this straighout of the next or two upcoming builds please???