Ya know how each nation has their own emblem right? Welllllll add it to stuff like paintings :D could you also make it to where the emblem shows up in item frames? Ex: If you put grass/stone in the frame it shows Earth emblem, water bucket shows water emblem, flint/steel or fire starter or torch shows fire emblem, cob web or glass is air emblem, sword/arrow/armor is chi emblem?

Also, you can have randomized patters right? What if you do like a 1-5% chance of an emblem being in the element? Like the earth emblem has a 1% chance to spawn on earth bendable blocks, water same % but on top of water, air idk how you'd do this... Clouds? Can you even edit clouds? Fire has a 1-5% chance to spawn on netherrack...

If this suggestion is shit well I just wanted to bring back resourcepack ideas and this is the first thing I thought of lol
Your choice of items for the item frame to display might not meet everyone's indentical interpertation, and thus where I see the problem.

For example:
I prefer water bottle over water bucket. Wet sponge, splash potion, lingering potion, fishing rod or fish can assiosate with water thus represent the emblem ect.
Grass/Stone isn't that accurate, because earthbenders can bend a lot more than that.
Fire can be anything: netherrack, fire charger, fire potion/elixer, book enchantment that adds fire attribute, blaze mob egg, ghast tear, ect.
Air can be just empty item frame that already is filled with air, or a feather, elytra assiosates with air, gliding book enchantment, gliding enchanted boots, ect.

It also leaves no choice for the flexibility/customize for the users to choose from: One can agree with the item you choose to represent particular insignia(s), but I also the problem where some of people disagree with your choices of items for the particular symbol it represents.

I would honestly prefer banners over items frames with the corresponding color (blue, green, red, light gray, orange). Easy to get a hang of it and really fits in well.

If we ever get a mod, banners with those pattern symbols should come exclusive. Perhaps they can have a transparent pattern or instead - come as an object called "Stamp", in which you can stamp the insignia to any block.
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It is actually good suggestion, but I personally don't like paitings and item frames with specific item equipped that transform it into the corresponding items. You heard my rant about utilizing item frames, as for paintings: they're kinda annoying because you be pretty much playing Bingo! If you ain't feeling look.

I did had thought for elemental emblems to be incorperated in a resource pack before.

I just check with google because I felt I was having a Madela Effect, but I found something interesting:

Of course theif background should have the same color instead of plain white. If I believe correctly, those represent the respective nation insignias, not bending arts. I think we should split the "Emblem" layerable texture pack into two versions: one for nation insignias (in the picture), other - bending arts. Oh and another better idea: those could branches-- well no, not branch, but like both of those versions come into more multiple blocks that aren't just banners, but anything that has color.

These layerable resource could come in these forms of colored stuff:

Bending Art Insignias:
  • Element Insignias - Armor pieces
  • Element Insignias - Wool
  • Element Insignias - Stained Glass Block
  • Element Insignias - Stained Glass Pane
  • Element Insignias - Shulker Box
  • Element Insignias - Stained Clay
  • Element Insignias - Bed (mojang in 1.12 will introduce colored beds)
  • Element Insignias - Concrete Powder.
Nation Insignias:
  • Nation Insignias - Armor pieces
  • Nation Insignias - Wool
  • Nation Insignias - Stained Glass Block
  • Nation Insignias - Stained Glass Pane
  • Nation Insignias - Shulker Box
  • Nation Insignias - Stained Clay
  • Nation Insignias - Bed
  • Nation Insignias - Concrete Powder


they're kinda annoying because you be pretty much playing Bingo!
In an update (idk which) they're gonna fix paintings to fit the biggest one possible. So if you have a large space, it's gonna fit the biggest on it can. Small space, it's gonna still fit the biggest one it can. Give you a bit more control over what painting spawns.
If they gonna provide all 5 in one different six for everyone I'd say go for it. If not, do the banner thing.

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