Development, Server, and Staff Updates (and some more!)


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Hello everyone! A lot has been happening lately and I wanted to take a moment to give you all a quick update about some things that have been happening behind the scenes (Spoiler: It’s a lot). This is going to be a long one, so settle in and let’s catch up!

ProjectKorra (Core)

Our talented Development team is putting some final touches on the upcoming ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.5 build. We’ve been working around the clock to fix as many bugs as possible for this one so that we can work on getting new features out. You should expect a release in the coming days. There’s not too much to report here, but some news is better than no news.

The Official ProjectKorra Server

Perhaps the area that has seen the MOST movement in the last week has been development on the ProjectKorra Server. We are finishing up our planning documents as we speak and are moving toward a server open scheduled for August 4th, 2017. More information on this will leak out in due time, so stay tuned over the next couple of weeks to find out more information!

Here’s what you need to know now:
  • The server will be PvP and survival based, with arenas available to test Bending.
  • The new map is beautiful and you’re all going to love it.
  • Screenshots coming soon!
We’re hiring!

ProjectKorra is expanding rather quickly and we are looking for new staff members. As always, we are looking for Developers, but I wanted to announce some new positions available now:
  • Digital Team: We are looking for graphic designers, texture pack creators, copy editors (for the Wiki), skin creators, video producers, social media managers, and more!
  • Moderators: We are hiring both forum and server moderators.
  • Builders: We are looking for highly skilled builders to join the ProjectKorra Build Team as we ramp up production on the official server.
  • Developers: Applications are open for Junior Developers and regular Developers dependent on your skillset.
Become a part of a fast growing team — apply today! (You can apply by clicking here or visiting this link:

What happened with the redesign, downtime, and more info

We revamped our entire online presence this past weekend and had some unexpected downtime follow it. This was due to some inefficient scripts running on the new website and forum that was driving up CPU usage and crashing the web server. We’ve moved to a new web host, got some crazy deals, and are up and running again. We are seeing an uptick in traffic, downloads, and the redesign did everything that it was supposed to.

That said, we’re currently playing around with different forum themes, as the current lacks some features that we all miss from old themes. Expect to see some changes to it in the next week or two.

Operation Documentation

We are currently in the process of redoing most of the project’s documentation. This starts, of course, with redesigning the Wiki and then ensuring that all information is both easy to find and up to date. We are far behind on this and hope to catch up soon.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can announce for now. We do have some more announcements coming down the line in the very near future. It’s worth getting excited for!
Thank you @Mist for you're tireless efforts in upgrading the community and keeping us all in the loop! I can see great things coming from this <3
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Thank you Mist for you're tireless efforts in upgrading the community and keeping us all in the loop! I can see great things coming from this <3
They are indeed improving. I was even talking with one guy and said then there is a thing going on. I'll pm them If I'm allowed to say what it is. Don't wanna get them in trouble.
What does/is Video Production and Social Media Management domain do/about?
I do believe from what I've seen, they're responsible for producing stuff like Promo Videos for YouTube and other media platforms, creating images such as banners for the server, managing social media accounts or creating stuff like adding to the official PK resource pack
There are two check boxes: "Video Production" and "Video Editing". They probably are somehow different If both can seperately checkmarked. How is it different from editing?
Just to re-iterate, I'm taking this off of what I've heard. I believe that editing is taking the footage and editing it and publishing it. I believe that Production is thinking about what to do in the video, and actually shooting/recording it. Don't take my word for it. if @Mist sees this or if you message Mist, I'm sure you'll get a better and more indepth explanation
On the server is wall damage going to be a thing? or will airbenders mostly need to rely on their damage outputting abilities?
They will most likely be using the default Project Korra config. Whether air damage is default or not, I can't remember. So many places decorate their configs like a Christmas tree so it's hard to tell.