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Bending Masters

Da Psic

Bending Masters

In this server you can control the elements, Fire, Earth, Water or Air...and more!

Server Ip:
(Minecraft Version 1.16.5)

- Obtainable Free Avatar | Free Switching Element-
- Bending Hunger Games -
- Fast Paced Arena PvP and Rewards -
- Towny Focused Survival -
- Runecraft -
- Quests | Survival Dungeons | Custom Monsters -
- EULA Compliant -

All possible choices in the server:
Fire : The strongest element, ready to incinerate anything in its path.
Earth : The sturdiest element, ready to face anything head-on.
Water : The element of change, use your enemies strength against them.
Air : The fastest element, swift as the wind and light as a feather, the untouchable.
Spirit : This prankster is always on the move, slowly chipping you away.
Dark Spirit : The brutal force of a Dark Spirit is on par with fires destruction capabilities.
Light Spirit : The support helps his allies survive whatever comes at them.

Chi Blocker : The always moving strategist with the power to take your powers away in a single punch.

Aside from the obvious "It's a bending server" it is extremely different from other bending servers, it is extremely fast paced. Your skill, reaction time define your PvP Threat Level. A system to acknowledge your skill.
We have a very welcoming community to help you get started and help you along the way.
Everyone starts as a Bender, that can easily rank up to master knowing the basics of bending and doing the test. Then there is the Grandmaster trial which is hard even for experienced benders. And soon, the Trained will be released a near impossible rank to obtain even for experienced benders.
By brutally murdering the Avatar or Ravat in a special FFA tournament round, you get it for a period of 2 weeks, or until the next tournament.
Can also spend Tournament Points to get it for a day!

Discord :
Website :

-Simple Ingame Rules-
Griefing and raiding is allowed in unclaimed terrain.
Be respectful with players and staff.
No mods or hacks that would give an unfair advantage.
Swearing is allowed if its not excessive or disrespectful.
Please do not complain in PvP.
Upper Staff will judge specific cases.

Additional rules details at server spawn.
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Da Psic

Small End of the Week Update
- Mob arena added (with bending). Type /ma join A way to effectively increase your arena hp, gain moderate amounts of money and improve your skills.

Da Psic

Just a Bump cuz this got burried in and is now below offline servers. This server is very much online.
Updated server info and stuff!