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Avatar The Last Airbender Episode Poll

Would you have gone fishing with the angry fisherman in the episode "The Storm"?

  • Yes, I need the money.

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • No you're crazy!

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • Depends if I'm a Waterbender or not, to save myself.

    Votes: 10 55.6%

  • Total voters
I don't like fishing, so if during the storm or not (if that's what you're asking) wouldn't change my mind to go fishing because I don't like that boring activity.
Not sure. I might choose to starve to death than die by the storm. Though, I'm not really sure what's the worst way to die. I do have a 50% chance of survive If I went to fish in a storm.


Not sure. I might choose to starve to death than die by the storm. Though, I'm not really sure what's the worst way to die. I do have a 50% chance of survive If I went to fish in a storm.
I mean the worst part about the whole matter is thirst, you can eat because you can fish, but if you don't drink clean water you'll eventually die of thirst or some disease. Then there's hypothermia :p. Anyways as a waterbender you have waterspout and wakefishing why do you need a boat xD


Because that isn't efficient? Like comparing with swimming, you'll get fatigue sooner or later from bending, which requires to use your muscular movement.
As seen by Eska, Dezna and Korra in there battle in the ocean, they didn't get fatigue. They were quite fine.
As seen by Eska, Dezna and Korra in there battle in the ocean, they didn't get fatigue. They were quite fine.
Yeah, but they didn't do it for hours. Bending is simulated through bending movement. Your limbs can get tired from using repeative movement, thus you can't bend forever. It's like the principle of swimming Why use boat when you can swim? Swimming isn't efficient, because you will fatigue/tired over some time. Same thing with bending vs boat, which was my argument/answer to @Madocean's question.


Yeah, but they didn't do it for hours.
We don't know that. We know that Korra was on her way to the Fire Nation to ask the Fire Lord for help to defeat Unalaq in the South Pole. They where somewhere in the middle of the ocean in between Republic City and the Fire Nation. Korra, Eska and Dezna both had boats to get to that location (in the middle of the ocean somwhere; there was no land in sight so yea, miles off shore) but during their battle the boats were destroyed, Korra was eaten by a giant spirit, and Eska and Dezna had to water ski all the way back to land. We saw Korra use a WaterSpout moving anywhere from 50-60MPH in the same scene, she wasn't tired and didn't show any evidence of fatigue. Not to mention the constant WaterSpouts and AirSpouts we saw used by Korra and Unalaq during harmonic convergence.
Maybe Eska&Desna weren' t that far from the shore they transported, for those twins to return through bending? Regardless, the question still remains unsolved: Why all three of them utilized boats rather bending at the start to get across the surface of the ocean? I'mma speculate that using bending to do the following isn't that easy than using the boats, as to me personally bending would be equivalent as 'swimming' in this particular scenario. Either it is difficult to bend yourself across the big body of water for the bender or (s)he uses up all the energy to the point that leaves them mentally or/and physically tired. While you did claim that Korra and the twins didn't show any signs of fatigueness/depletion, which is true, but you can't make that as a valid concludion, because there are few conditions unknown that can hold it on a pause and to be questioned more:

How long in minutes did Korra was on a spout?
How far were the twins from the shore, which they started to head back after Korra was devoured, after they left it?

For the first question, it appears to me she only was riding it for a few minutes, and that's too short for the bender to get tired too soon, especally since she is experenced waterbender and must know how to properly since its her avatar duty to MASTER the elements, including. Not to mention that she is fit/muscular, which may helped her there with creating spout through spinning-movement without wearing herself down). Like how bending would be equivalent to swimming, the more trained swimmers don't get tired just in a few minutes of swimming.

As for twins, perhaps they knew, as I pointed out, it wouldn't be easy to swimsurf, and they probably could predict how far/long they will have to chase her. By their common sense, in my theory that's way they used boats, otherwise it would be a bit reduntant If the methods of using transport didn't have a difference and they decide not to express their culture/gifted (i.e. bending) side. Probably for them itdidn't take them too long and too far to catch up on korra, so they probably manage to return to the shore successfully, depleted or without taking a sweat, or they happen to hitch a ride by some nearby ship/boat coincidentally that happen to be there before they could pass out of exhautions without reaching an continent/island/overland.

Korra and Unaloq happen to be AVATARS, so for avatarstate users ,that's another controversy to begin with. We all know to what degress their bending can be BUFFED at.
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And yes, benders can get tired themselves through bending, because it involves using repeatitive or aggresive physical motor movement. Remember Aang and Katara trying to take down the drill? They eventually gave up, because they grown pretty exhausted after putting effort to slice it down one of the columns of the machine with their water razor.

There are more instances like this that make benders tired, because this is one of them that I recall and visualize pretty cleary. It proves in and out of itself, and that's the logic and out of itself.