Avatar state idea please look


Hello I hade the idea since avatar aang usally did this when activating avatar state he would float up and glow when he activated av state I was thinking when ever someone activates av state they start to float using the float effect you get from shulkers then they start to glow using the spectrum arrow effect aka just makes it look cool and more relistic if any devs have the time to make it please pm me thank you!


I took the idea a different route. I pictured his suggestion to be similar to when Aang was entering the AvatarState due to strong emotion. He would rise in the air and an airshield would spawn around him. I could probably add to the animation to make it more "cool" but this is what happened on a canon perspective. And also @PhanaticD nice touch with the transparent particles I didn't even think of using those. I just went straight with the normal airbending particles.

Again, excuse my computers extremely poor recording quality.

(there is an eye glow as you can see, it looks cool if you look around but I wanted to showcase the levitation and the website only lets me upload short gifs)
The animation is activated with avatarstate, as you can see, and then when you reach a certain point of levitation you start to hover in the air.