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So i was thinking when i was looking at the thread about iceshield: maybe when you use airblast several times itll build up in pressure? [emoji53]. Since im yet to fully learn bout gifs there wont be one of the show yet. There are some cons to this idea though: like it might stimulate spamming which i see as a huge downside.
Spamming small short-delayed bursts of air isn't gonna destroy ice that easily. TBH, Airburst fits better than airblast.
I mean like chaining it together to build it up at a subtle rate, it's a mechanic in a lot of games, I saw a game where Mario could jump higher if he kept jumping in a chain, for example.

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It still won't break the ice. Chaining wouldn't icrease its pressure. All Airblast is just a gust of strong wind that pushes usually light objects. Airburst = possibly, but not air blast.
Oh... then what you're actually suggesting? What would this "building up pressure " concept do in minecraft? Grief blocks? Push others further away? Stronger velocity damage?
I was still thinking for something and you gave me some good examples there, not griefing. But more knockback, higher velocity and velocity damage as Well, maybe if you highten the pressure far enough it could do damage on its own? So much new things to think about... ill update the main thread post up there as soon as I get more ideas and have some time for it ^^^^^^^

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People would end up abusing with this ability to the point the airbenders would use this for only spamming and not utilizing stradegy instead. No thank you!


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I don't believe this to be possible.

4 inches will hold about 200 pounds
5 inches will hold about 800 pounds
8-12 inches will hold 1500 - 2000 pounds

And for all of you metric people,

10 cm > 90.7185 kg

12.7 cm > 362.874 kg

20.32-30.48 cm > 680.3886- 907.1847 kg

12 inches is a foot.

There are 36 inches in a yard.

A yard is 90 centimeters approx.

Imagine what happens after you get to a meter.
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