Suggestion ~~Airbending Move Suggestion~~

I think that airbending should have a new Spiritual move called "Spiritual Connection" it allows you to sense where all mobs are and it can also allow you to take their spirit "soul" away from them by holding shift by looking at them for 4 seconds. Cooldown of: 1 Minute. I also think that it should give you some night vision if you click for 1 second. The night vision effect will last for 4 or 5 seconds with a cooldown of: 1 Minute. Feel free to add to my suggestion.
There is the effect that spectral arrows give. Maybe when you hold shift with that move it gives all entities within a configurable radius and duration that effect?


May I ask what your inspiration from the show was? I can't recall any airbender having spiritual manipulation capabilities of this magnitude.
If I understand, (with your suggestion) you can enforce somebody else spiritual projection? Does this also by inducing onto players that aren't airbenders? Not something that can really be proofed upon to be canon, but non the less creative take.