Suggestion Airbender's glide


Hi everyone! I have a suggestion that I would like to share:
When you use a firework rocket while you are flying with elytra, you get an impulse that let you fly longer. Firstly, I was using the old flight's soar ability to impulse myself, with Flight rework I had to use the ability airjump, but it was not the same (if you never have tried this, y recommend you, flying with elytra like a show's glider is a great feeling!).

In the show, all airbenders had a glider that let you fly, and I was wondering if there could be possible to make an ability that had the same effect as firework rocket and let you fly with elytra, with a configurable intensity of boost.

The Flight ability let you fly without elytra, but this would be different, you would need elytra to fly and it would be just like the show.

Thank you for your attention!
I feel like it’s kinda unnesessary to add a move that specific for that when u got airblast which does do what rockets do.