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Suggestion Abilities

In my opinion, instead of creating new abilities that only will be exclusive to probending (unless you have plans that they could be used even outside???), let's be resourceful/sparing shall we? :)

I think they could have a change of animation during probending match. There was a time when torrent was used by Korra in a non-ring fashion, but it did rotate in that motion. So how we make it look like that?

Also, it appears to flow in a infinitive symbol shape.

No, just beforehand I wanna let you know that I never had played probending through this sub plugin before, so it may just be me spitting these ideas around when they already are in the game. Ok, back to the thread...

If players are dealt by damage what so I ever, then I suggest the armor provided by the sport should nulify all the bending damage taken by hit. That way, you wouldn't be killing your players, cause-- that would just be silly in a game show.

Also, (along with introducing 'config.yml' file in probending folder) the abilities' knockback should be adjusted differently only in probending, as well as their cooldown, chargetime ect. (like in the core, all of that would be configurable in the exclusive config as I mentioned for probending game).

Other details:
- Surely, some abilities will have to be changed not just animation, knockback, duration, ect. setting wise, but as well their application/techniques functionality (e.g. Surge will shield 1x1 hitbox, raiseearth will lift the block in the air for a few sec).


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This could be something I see happening, but I can't see many abilities having this done. As of now, one can specify in the config what core abilities they want to be usable in probending. With that and a possibility of separate probending abilities, I see a good system in place. Adding more to the core abilities would make the code more complex than really necessary imo.
So you agree with the original post? Thanks for the feedback! :) Right now I'm rewatching book 1, so that I can look for canon abilities seen in the plugin or get some sort inspiration for the sake to suggest any for in-game.