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✦ The SpiritCraft Community ✦



The SpiritCraft Community
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mc.playspiritcraft.com } ✦

Join one of the longest standing bending server communities around! We pride ourselves on being extremely LGBTQ+ supportive with a ZERO tolerance policy for discrimination. SpiritCraft has so much to offer and an amazing and dedicated staff and community to make it even better! We are constantly working to update and rebalance and enhance the experience for everyone to enjoy. Join and be a part of this amazing community!

We feature:
  • Bending
    • Balanced to provide a unique and fun experience accurate to the show!
  • Factions
    • Create a faction and fight in the expansive (custom) faction world!
  • Economy
    • Player Based Marketplace
    • Server Shops to Exchange Resources for Money
    • Train your survival and PvP skills to become unstoppable!
    • Specially configured to not interfere or influence bending damage
  • Tournaments
    • Prove your skill in the official rankings
  • Grandmaster Title System
    • Claim ultimate mastery over an element!
  • PvP & PvE Events
    • Free 4 All Tournaments
    • Mob Arena Battles
    • Boss Mob/Player Battles
  • Arena PvP
    • Custom Arenas
  • Amazing Builds!
  • Creative World!
    • Claim your huge plot and build to your hearts content!
Web: www.playspiritcraft.com
TeamSpeak: ts3.playspiritcraft.com​
  1. No racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia.

  2. Use of racial/offensive slurs is not allowed.

  3. Respect your fellow players and staff members.

  4. No advertising other servers or websites.

  5. Do not spam or flood the server chat.

  6. Faction raiding is allowed, excessive griefing is not.

  7. Do not ask for a free donation or staff rank.

  8. Hacking is STRICTLY prohibited.

  9. Optifine, Minimap, and Health Indicator mods are allowed.

  10. If you have a problem, please use /helpop or /modreq.
"This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff are not responsible for your gameplay experience while on this server."
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  • We've added back highly requested arenas and released all 5 private arenas to the public!
-- now you can 1v1 in peace
  • We've also added a practice arena for people to bend in without PvP.
-- New players can get accustomed to the configuration and bending in this area.

We hope to continue to make the experience amazing for everyone who joins. Let us know what you think!


We have added an official tournament bracketing system!
You can now sign-up, follow, and keep track of tournaments on a website!

The last tournament we had went very well!

Go to our website to sign up for future tournaments!


We've added a creative plot world!
Each player is given 4 HUGE (100 x 100) plots to build whatever they want ranging from a house and town for their friends to hang out in, or a bending arena to submit to the server for possible use!
When you log on, you can do /warp creative to begin.


Thursday, July 21st Server Update!
We have added another regular tournament to our schedule! This will happen at 4pm EST before the 7:30pm EST regular tournament. This happens every Thursday (and we're hoping to add more days if requested). Please join us tonight and in the future for some awesome bending battles!