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I joined Mystic about a month after it opened (about 2 and a half years ago), and boy, it has been one heck of a ride. I have gotten to experience Mystic's growth first hand. I saw Mystic improve and expand continuously, always driven by the goal of making the best experience for the players. As others have stated, bending configuration is always in the works to ensure everything is balanced. On top of that, staff are constantly working to implement new plugins and solve any problems players may encounter (or create) to improve player experience. I got to witness Mystic expand from a single server to a much larger one with multiple servers connected through bungee to further minimize lag, especially helping bending. Through all of this it has become very clear to me why Mystic was able to expand and grow so much as it has, and that is by the true dedication to the server the owner (Traced_) and many other staff members share. I knew Traced_ before Mystic existed, and I have seen how committed she has been all throughout the progress of her server. She and many other staff members work so hard (for some like if it is a second job), to make sure everything is as perfect as it can be for players. Every day that I spend on Mystic I am amazed at how far it has come and how the community strives to be unique by implementing new and fun things like our minigame server, bending survival games, and the token system. I would highly encourage players to stop in, whether it's slimefun, arenas, towny or factions, surely Mystic has something that every player will enjoy.


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I can truly say that through out the the six years that I've been playing Minecraft I haven't found a server that is more welcoming than the community here at Mystic Empire. I first came into this server by invitation of a friend, not knowing what to expect or wether or not it would be a place where I would become active. It didn't take long for me to realize that not only is Mystic a place where people come together as a community willing to help one another but also a place where the hard work and dedication put in by the the staff is evident, from the weekly events to the seasonal competitions, the staff team is always dedicated to the server and to the players' experience. I would recommend this server to anyone who is looking for a community or is just trying to find a server in which then can spend their time on. I really am glad that I joined Mystic and I really hope that you will too.

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This server is most definitely my new favorite bending server. When I started playing I was so confused like what is an "Earthkick" and how do I get one lol. But the staff were so willing to help me without batting an eyelash. One of the things that I like about this server ,unlike other servers, is the rules about racism and homophobia. They even have a chat filter that turns "F**got" into "Unicorn" which is hilarious to me.


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I'm inviting you all to ℳysticℰmpire™
12th Bending Tournament
Saturday March 17th. 1pm EST

First up is Earth then Air , Chi ✌, Fire, Water.

Its going to be a lucky day for all!!

To sign up click this LINK

All participants get a reward so even if you don't win you still get a prize for showing up!

(Must register to play - registration ends the day of tournament. If you register please show up)
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This is a fantastic server! It doesn't have the normal config that your probably used to but trust me when I say, if u start learning everything and getting use to it, the server just becomes amazing. I generally don't see much cussing in fact none at all and the community helps you when you need help. Alongside the community, the fact that it constantly has at least 10 players on is just phenomenal! Definitely receives my approval!


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This is honestly one of my favorite bending server. I've never really enjoyed jedcore but this server is the one exception. I'm still getting used to the config but it is very unique and has a fun gaming experience. I think it's also great that they have towny instead of factions so you don't have to worry about being raided haha. Also most importantly, my favorite thing about Mystic is that the community there is very friendly and fair compared to other bending servers I've played on. Also the server constantly always has players online so I never get bored. The spawn and arenas and everything are also very nicely built and resembles Avatar The Last Airbender very well.


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MysticEmpire is Excited to announce we are releasing Spirits!
A beta 1.10.0 Plugin addon made by our very own
Bending Developer Nummy!

Introducing an add-on that will add the elements Spirit, LightSpirit, and DarkSpirit to MysticEmpire. Players will be able to have any of the 3 elements listed above, each coming with their own skills and backgrounds. Additionally, particle effects will differ depending on what type of spirit you are!

What you should know: This is the first time its been released on MysticEmpire. Since there is many variables at play and it has not been tested with this large of a player base in our network we are offering all elemental switching for this week possibly the next at no cost!
Switch your element at /warp spirits.
*Please note* once we have concluded testing its likely the cost to switch your element will return, However it is not yet determined for how much. Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy this new addon brought to us by Nummy!

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I've been working on a new arena for the server that spawns in bending mobs that players can fight. It spawns in enough mobs to match the number of players in that arena at any time. You can join up with other players to kill them as PVP is disabled there. It's a good stepping stone for players that want to get into PVP but are intimidated.

It currently only spawns in airbenders and firebenders. The other elements might be added in later, if I ever get around to implementing them.

Excuse my poor bending skills. I'm a developer, not a bender.

You can enter the arena by joining the bending server (/bending), warping to the arena spawn (/warp arena), and then clicking the "AI Training Arena" sign.